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Painting II

15 Documented Hours for Final Project


is an interactive website that is advertising for a band, I believe, called Boy in Static who has an album coming out called Violet. This appears to be a digital animation whose construction is way over my head.

I really enjoyed this site. I watched it for 5 min. straight waiting for something to happen and then I realized one of the flickering orbs was attracted to my mouse and so I moved it over the candles. When I did so the candles lit themselves and flickered like white-noise on a television screen. This site is definitely something I have never seen before. This would definitely be a great way to promote a band.

Matthew Mahon

is a photographer. Apparently he does mostly editorial work. His work has even been feature in TIME magazine. He takes brilliant pictures of mundane things from cool angles as well as portraits of people and places.

I liked how bright Mahon’s photos are. My favorite collection was from “The Book of Obscure Holidays.” It was both intriguing and entertaining all at the same time. He really knows how to chose the right angle for his pictures. He is very original as far as I am concerned. I believe I have seen some of his work in magazines in the past and never knew it. I like his interact unorthodow website. It was fun to mess around with and explore. It reminds me of a presentation program called Prezi.

The Halcyon Hours

The Halcyon Hours is a digital animation piece, I believe, that has multiple parts that represent a time in a woman’s day. It pairs nondescript instrumental music with an animation of a women through out her day. Her surrounding come alive.

I thought this piece, I guess, was interesting and intriguing. It seems to be a marrage of digital animation, gif., animation, and photography. I wish there was more information about The Halcyon Hours. Maybe there is a reason there isn’t… hmmmmm…

Stephen Vitiello

Sound artist and electronic musician, , breathes new life into sound. He has not only his sound installations but, drawing and photographs in numerous museums and galleries. He records and combines different sounds to create interesting and often ominous soundscapes.

This artist’s work is extremely original and unique. Many of his sounds are eerie and send chills up my spine. I like how he takes great care in how he sets up the speakers in his sound installation. I think he is opening the door to a who new realm of art.

Paul Pfeiffer

is an American video artist. He uses “found footage” in his work. He has a B.F.A. in printmaking, interestingly enough. He has used found footage like that of recorded sports events like basketball games or a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

I never even thought of using found footage in video editing. I kind of feel dumb for saying that, but it is often simple things that I fail to acknowledge about art. This artist is insanely talented. I like how he refers to his videos as “video sculptures.”

Bill Viola

is a very well know contemporary video artist who has been around for quite a while. His work addresses life’s many phases and stages of consciousness. Life, Birth and Death can been seen throughout his video pieces.

I first found out about this artist in Dr. Driess’ Pop Art to the Present ARTH 354 course. We watched “An Ocean Without a Shore” This was a video installation in which screens displaying people having water poured on them were above alters in tiny chapel in Venice for the 2007 Venice Biennial. I was absolutely mystified by his work. I admire the fact that he did video art when no one really knew it existed. He encouraged video art to become as big as it is today and opened the door for many other artists to become famous for their contributions to video art.

John Michael Boling

must be a friend with Jeff Baij. John works in photography and digital art. He blogs for Rhizome, which I believe Baij is also connected to. John satirizes the worthless crap on the Internet.

I personally thought this guy had a neat sense of humor communicated through his art. His art seems more conceptual than one might think. I love BSG and thus thought it was hilarious when he made The Last 51 Years of Art History Represented by 51 Seconds of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 18 (2009). Although he doesn’t change the clip at all, he puts it in a new and different context (Art History) and it still works beautifully. This guy is very bright, but I’m not sure the entire world will understand his kind of art (just yet).

Matthew Ritchie

Matthew Ritchie is English but lives and works in New York. His art, according to PBS’s Art: 21 “an attempt to represent the entire universe and the structures of knowledge and belief that we use to understand and visualize it.” He makes drawings, scans them, and then manipulates them. He also does paintings, sculptures, digital art, and installations.

This guy is truly a jack-of-all-trades. The way he combines the media he works with is amazing. I am in total awe of his work. I love his gigantic gallery size installations the most!